Monday, February 5, 2018

Satan's Hometown in the Hands of Amazon Studios.

Satan's Hometown been sent to Amazon Studios,they have had it since Dec 7th 2016.Keep your fingers crossed for me.Dead Search,and the Binglings are also being sent.The price of Satan's Hometown will increase 10.99.Also Short Stories by Joshua Daniels to 3.99,people have told me the price was so cheap most people would assume it was not that good,sorry guys.I am starting on the second part of the book,It should be finished in about 2 months after being started,have not decided on title yet.I apologize for not keeping this site current,i am not to good at this part of it.I will do better from now on,I am learning.Get them while there still cheap.Thanks for being patient.I do not have many followers,but if  I have just 1,i will keep writing,and trying later guys. Joshua

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